Billy Milby (Beezball)


Billy Milby first began cutting his teeth with the NES, showing games like duck hunt and Mario how to behave. Many beloved hours were spent in his basement playing heavy barrel, bad dudes and other not quite so popular classics for the console, though all are special in his heart (*tear*). He was much under the influence of his older brothers video game tastes and as such became an avid Nintendo fan. Owning every Nintendo console to date (minus one virtual boy). Of course he was also an owner of a genesis and other systems through the years, though they were never shown quite the same attention as the Nintendo products. He’s now a proud non-owner of a 360, and actual owner of a PS3 and Wii (the PS3 now taking center stage in his gaming life). His favorite console of all would have to be the SNES, which arguably touts the most robust library of all time. Classics like Super Mario World, A Link to the Past (Britt and I have good taste), and countless others have helped to shaped and define what is now a fine young man.

Brittney Brombacher (Blondenerd)

Brittney was introduced to the world of video games by none other than her amazing gaming grandma. Upon receiving a SNES at the age of five she immediately became hooked on Super Mario World and A Link to the Past. Before she and her family knew it, Barbie dolls and pink princessy-things were being replaced by video games and consoles. Sixteen years, over three hundred games and fifteen gaming consoles later, it is abundantly clear this industry is her passion…and that she may have a slight problem.

Jason Ericson (singing_pigs)

Jason’s favorite Christmas present of all time remains his Super Nintendo that he got many years ago. He spent his childhood playing game after game, and logged more hours into Super Bomberman 2 with his friends than he cares to mention. But it wasn’t until he played Beyond Good & Evil in 2004 that he realized what games are truly capable of. More than just diversions, games can be works of art in their own right, and a wonderful storytelling medium. Since then it’s been his dream to create games of his own, and he continues to pursue that dream to this day.