n00bketeers 134: A Down on His Luck Mexican


Beez, Boots and Jill are your cast for this show. Talking about halloween costumes, the imminent (now upon us) release of the PS4 and of course some good old Gran Turismo talk. We hope you enjoy, and have a great Thanksgiving!

As always, send in your questions/comments to n00bketeers@vagary.tv to get your own MS Paint picture, and you too will be entered into the n00bketeers Listener Hall of Fame!

William Milby, Brittney Brombacher, Tony Zuniga and Jason Erixon.

Our Superfans! (literally)

Our Superfans! (literally)


All the transition music provided in this episode is from the wonderful game Hotline Miami. Hotline Miamis soundtrack is definitely worth buying, even if you skip the game!

Intro – Welcome to the n00bketeers by SoulEye
What We’re Up To (2:50) Paris by M.O.O.N.
News (26:15) It’s Safe Now by Scattle
Listener Mail (40:36) Inner Animal by Scattle
Outro – Turf Intro & Turf Main by El Huervo

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  • Adventureless_Hero

    That’s one kick ass looking family! Great episode as usual. I had a lot of laughs, especially at the very end when ya’ll were signing off.

  • Marcus Green

    So is the show over?